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The Film

A New Vision For the Homelessness Crisis

Asking For Change is a film dedicated to finding hope in the midst of a devastating reality - to shine a light on the issues many know so little about. 


Too many of our neighbors are going unhoused and in need of basic resources. We asked ourselves, "What would shake us up and shift our perspective on the future homelessness?"


That started us on the journey to find an answer to that question - and share it with the world.

Downtown Los Angeles
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Why this film?

There's an experience we as humans have when we see an issue like homelessness firsthand and gain a new perspective: it's eye opening. It's moving. It's life changing. Often it comes from a day of volunteering or a chance encounter, but that makes it rare and only for a select group of people. We're all in need, now more than ever, for the joy that comes from expanding our perspective and better understanding our place in the world. A little more empathy will go a long way!

To see the beauty and humanity of our unhoused neighbors, to see ourselves with newfound appreciation for our fortunate circumstances - these are profound breakthrough moments for those lucky enough to have them! That's a big part of why we're making this film. To capture that in a way that can be shared, that more people would be inspired. We all carry misconceptions to some degree, but those can be shifted by seeing the people at the heart of this story. From championing the heroes who volunteer their lives for the cause, to following those on the journey to recovery from homelessness - we want to share the infectious hope that these moments carry.

The second reason for making this film is to explain homelessness, and all the complexity surrounding it, in a way everyone can relate to. How do we even begin to talk about it when it's so confusing? Well, our goal is to get to the heart it and lay out simple answers for all the important questions. So that while watching a touching film that follows the lives of people on the front lines, we leave with a much clearer understanding of what is happening and what we can all do to participate in building a better future for everyone. Jump-starting the conversation, so to speak.

In summary, we have set out to create a visually stunning, heartwarming journey through a tough issue that inspires empathy and leaves the audience feeling like they have a better understanding of the situation.

Thank you for joining us in bringing a hopeful film on homelessness to the world!

The Team

The Team


James Walker


James carries the creative vision for this project. With a heart for the issue and a passion for filmmaking, it's been his dedication that has pushed this project forward.


Ryan Flynn


A multi-talented creative genius, Ryan is helping out with a variety of his skills, from cinematography to composing and a lot of the boring behind the scenes stuff.

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